Enphase Q cable & Accessories

Enphase Q cable & Accessories

The Enphase Q Cable™ and accessories are part of the latest generation Enphase IQ System™. These accessories provide simplicity, reliability, and faster installation times.

Enphase Q Cable

  • Two-wire, double-insulated Enphase Q Cable is 50% lighter than the previous generation Enphase cable

  • New cable numbering and plug and play connectors speed up installation and simplify wire management

  • Link connectors eliminate cable waste

  • Landscape& Portrait Options Available

Field-Wireable Connectors

  • Easily connect Q cables on the roof without complex wiring

  • Make connections from any open connector and centre feed any section of cable within branch limits

  • Available in male and female connector types


  • Field-wireable connector female (Q-CONN-10F)

  • Field-wireable connector male (Q-CONN-10M)

  • Terminator cap for unused ends (EN-Q-TERM-01)

  • Q Cable sealing caps female (EN-Q-SEAL-01)

  • Disconnect tool (EN-Q-DISC-01)

  • Branch Aggregator (EN-Q-BA-3-1P-60)

  • Cable Management Rail Clip QTY 1 (EN-EFM-CC)

  • Cable Management Rail Clip QTY 100 (EN-QCLIP-100)


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