Phono Solar 320W TwinPlus Module

TwinPlus Module 320W

120-cell monocrystalline, All Black

Phono Solar is a global leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. It is affiliated to SUMEC Group, a subsidiary of Fortune 500 corporation, China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (Sinomach). Based on technological and product innovation, Phono Solar is committed to providing our customers with one-stop clean energy solutions, with wholesale energy supply, management, distribution and storage. We endeavor to apply the state-of-the-art research advances into progressing our manufacturing and services, continually enhancing the design and quality of our photovoltaic systems, power stations and intelligent micro-grid systems. Being a competitive global partner of the field, we put our efforts into creating economic, social and ecological values for our investors and clients.
Through more than a decade of steady progression, the scale of impact of Phono Solar has improved dramatically in both domestic and international markets, with a total annual capacity of 2000MW, distributed in two domestic and two overseas solar manufacturing bases, Nanjing China, Dongtai China, Turkey and Vietnam. It has shipped over 6.5 GW of modules and there are 2GW of wind and solar renewable energy projects undergoing, which will enable the company to provide more than 7.15 billion kWh clean energy annually for the global community.

Product Information


Phono Solar

Product Line:

TwinPlus Module Mono Perc

Model ID:




Performance Guarantee



Technical Data


Perc Monocrystalline




65.95 x 39.06 x 1.38 in


40.78 lbs


Black aluminum frame


Electrical Data

Nominal output (Pmpp):

320 W

Rated voltage (Vmpp):

 40.95 V

Nominal current (Impp):

9.69 A

Short Circuit Current (Isc):

10.13 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Uoc):

39.91 V

Module Conversion Efficiency:

19.26 %